Wednesday, 1/1/2020

Wednesday, 1/1/2020

The first Athlete of the Month of the new decade is - Jeremy Avery!  Jeremy is a regular at our 4pm classes - always ready with a Dad joke, a smile and a word of encouragement for his fellow athletes.  We are grateful for his presence!

NAME:  Jeremy Avery
HOMETOWN:  Born in Somers, lives in Enfield, CT
AGE:  40
OCCUPATION:  Supply Technician - CSMS/MSG ARNG
INTERESTING FACTS:  I love sports.  I grew up around the race track.  I am a bird enthusiast and I have 5 chickens.

FAVORITE LIFT:  Power Cleans
FAVORITE WOD:  Murph or anything with running
LEAST FAVORITE WOD:  Anything with Snatches
HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT:  I was looking for something other than the same old workout at a regular gym.  I knew about Land Warrior from other people.  My wife, Becky, told me to come down and talk to Tripp about it, I did the free trial, fell in love with it and 3 years later, I’m still here!
HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT:  Doing fun stuff with my daughter, Madison and my wife.  I am very involved with Vox Church.  I enjoy going to the races and running 5ks and 10ks (with the hope of running a marathon somday!).
WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF: The people.  The community.  It’s like working out with family that you like.  The fact that no one scolds me for my corny Dad jokes!
GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS:  I want to continue to get stronger and be a better version of myself.
ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT:  Keep coming, keep doing it.  You won’t regret it.  There will always be days you don’t want to work out but you will always be thankful you did.



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