2020 New Year New You Challenge

2020 New Year New You Challenge

Challenge Details

Join us for our 8 week New Year, New You Challenge!

Daily Goals


Daily Goal

Did you eat balanced meals today, using the palm, fist, cupped hand and thumb rule of measurement provided in your welcome email?  2 point for absolutely, 1 point for kind of and 0 points for no!

Weekly Goals


Weekly Attendance Goal

Attend at LEAST three classes per week (if you check in to class, the challenge will count for you!)  
You will be awarded one point per week that this goal is achieved!


Matthew Bourgoin

Matthew Bourgoin 1 month ago / Reply

I’m pretty content with my weight but interested and excited for the nutritional part. I’m in for a big wake up call 😟

Kevin Charland

Kevin Charland 1 month ago / Reply

I’m in. Hoping to lose 2% bf while maintaining a minimum weight of 175 lbs

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Challenge Info:

2020 New Year New You Challenge

Dates: Jan. 13, 2020 - March 8, 2020

Reg Deadline: Jan. 12, 2020

Participant Standings

Registration: $49.00 (+ $3.11 tax)

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