Conquer Coaches Seminar

Conquer Coaches Seminar

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Join Conquer coaches Jason Leydon and Angelo Sisco for this one day coach's seminar for serious coaches.  

The coaches of Conquer Athlete have sent athletes to the Games every year since 2008.  They've successfully trained the general population since the creation of CrossFit.  In this one day seminar, you'll learn their secrets to training home-grown athletes to achieve their own version of greatness.  

Link to register (MUST USE THIS LINK, registering through our site will not work!) - Conquer Athlete Seminar at Land Warrior CrossFit, Sunday 29 September

Event Info:

Conquer Coaches Seminar

Date: Sept. 29, 2019

Location: 110 Ffyler Place, Suffield CT

Registration: $199.00

Reg Deadline Passed